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    Can you help.

    I had my domain on shared hosting; I use Dreamweaver connected to my local pc, create pages and database items - and then use Dreamweaver's facilities to upload the html pages to server, database items to my online database - all works fine.

    Then, just moved domain to my shiny new dedicated server; I think I've got it all set up correctly - but now I can't connect remotely to my MySQL databases. I am using exactly the same login details as I did when the domain was hosted on shared serving.-

    This is the error message

    Access denied For User: [email protected] range81-153 user password Yes

    This is driving me quietly nuts. Server support has been courteous, timely but I don't know what more to ask 'em to do. Any ideas?


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    Access denied For User: [email protected] range81-153 user password Yes
    this means user bossyboots doesn't have the permissions to connect remotely.

    if you have ssh access to the server connect to mysql database and ensure correct privileges are set.

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    You also need to have added the remote IP into the MySQL "Access Hosts" allowed to connect box within Cpanel, to grant the IP access to your databases first.

    Please also note, when trying to connect from the remote server, It will have to be configured to allow external connections via Port 3306 for the connection to succeed.

    Else the connection wont succeed.

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