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    easydedicated who is behind?

    I found the easydedicated site.
    I seems they have no personal and no phone.
    I also seems a very young company the domain name was created on 24 March 2004.
    Below you find the whois result.

    Organization Name:
    First Name: Domain
    Last Name: Services
    Address 1: Gyroscoopweg 2F
    Address 2:
    City: Amsterdam
    PostalCode: 1042AB
    Country: NL
    Phone: +1.00000

    Do they have 24/7 support and is their support good?
    Who have a server with those people and for how long?

    I ask these questions because I'm interested in their dedicated servers.

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    no Dutch

    sorry I can't read Dutch.
    Could you translate a few importent issues?

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    Here's the output of Sherlock Dutch -> English Translator in OS X... It makes a few mistakes

    Some of it is understandable

    First thread...

    Experiences Easydedicated

    I saw that there a couple asked people for experiences with
    easydedicated. I have last week ordered a server and my experiences
    here will post. So far this has happened.

    Parcel ordered: AMD XP 2200/40GB/512MB/500GB (on stock)

    Paid ('68+BTW) by means of PayPal

    After 2 days pay confirmatie

    After 4 days e-mail that the server just Wednesday can be provided,
    this netjes are settled. On their site they promised within 2 days,
    but yes, I do not will sit miereneuken.

    To wait...

    Other opbserveringen:
    - They say AMS-IX have connection, but they not yet stand communicated
    on their mother company (InterXS) also not. It is me not
    entirely clear or it there if is, but it comes there iig to believes
    - They have, however, other nice connections (abovenet, level3)
    - To questions but rather rapidly it is briefly reacted
    - Their Internet site contains complete stupid spelvouten and looks
    what amateurishly (but that does most of the hostingprovider pages in
    my optiek)

    Next post...

    If servers on stock are we let us can produce these in 2 hours up to 2
    days, dependent on the approve. If servers are not on stock the
    customer gets a credit on its invoice and the servers still this way
    fast possible is produced.

    We get down at present this way many orders that wants happen still
    once that the Internet site IN STOCK indicates whereas they have been
    sold off. That solves we then netjes.

    Concerning Ams-ix, ours network supplier InterXS are very busy Ams-ix
    connect the connections. This comes therefore. At present the peering
    movement ordinary afgehandelt by means of our transits and a number of
    private pears become.

    Lambdanet are also added soon to network then are possible we the
    coming time just as.

    And concerning the Internet site, there their own topic have already
    been concerning, iig are he not yet finished but have settling orders
    and support a higher priority.

    Hopelijk this pleasant topic can remain.

    Next post...

    Doerak participant

    Registered: Apr 2003 location: To report: 34

    Thanks for the explanation concerning the a and other one.

    Original placed easyDedicated

    Hopelijk this pleasant topic can remain.

    I aim on pure informative topic, I post simply my experiences then can
    people themselves an opinion form and become it no argumentloze
    unfounded discussion concerning nothing.

    Nicely that still someone am there with a server, superzooi, I hope
    that you want continue post here experience also your. Two is better


    heh...Not sure if this is worth doing if you want me to translate anymore let me know but until then I don't think I will since it's not that easy to read

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    It is not certain how long Easydedicated will be around. Experts on hosting in the Netherlands already calculated that their pricing is no where near realistic.

    However that said, up to now people their experiences seem to be quite good.

    But then again, what if they just suddenly disappear from the earth after 5 months because they cannot pay the bills?

    My Advice would be: If you do not have anything mission critical, go for it and try. If you do, wait for 8 months and see if the provider is still in business with this pricing.

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    Got a serer there little bit ago very impressed with it, very nice network seems most people just questioning it over there as they are not used to the pricing, but us over here in the states can remember when some of these companies first offered servers for this pricing and most thought it was a scam or was a company with really bad points to them but now it has become very common in the states.

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    looks very unreliable
    hm what should I put in my sig?

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    How can you say that ChaosHosting? What are you basing it on? Is it ok for me to say your service looks very unreliable because you're called "chaos" hosting?

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    Flip MEH, it is my opinion. You can say whatever you want about my services
    hm what should I put in my sig?

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    The Netherlands
    You cannot make a statement about reliability and support, based on a three weeks experience. Neither can you state anything about the probable lifecycle.

    Easydedicated is not the only one around with these prices. It is (probably) based on large volumes and fast turnaround (the McDonalds principle).

    It won't hurt if you lease a server for non critical use. All other purposes, you'll just have to wait to see where it goes, like with all new companies.
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    That is very correct. Since we buy already 400+ mbit bandwith in the Netherlands currently, i can reliable say that *if* the advertised bandwith really gets used ED and their supplier, who plays doublerole as also they KvK registry partner (what is a strange construction) they will be in big problems.

    500 GB is about two mbit/s 95% and as such has a pricing value of about 70 euro montlhy with VERY high (200+ mbit) commitments.

    The company behind ED is relatively small and in no way near bandwith usage like the named 200 mbit.

    I would not be suprised if ED just lease the equiptment, this said, this will place them in a not very profitable position within 6 months from now.

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    Since you don't know anything about our bandwidth pricing how can you say we are in trouble?

    Iam sure you are disappointed because we are now a valid competitor but to say your are doing 400 Mbit and you know how are business model is based i think and i am sure that you are totally wrong.

    We do not lease anything but have multiple investors so everything is owned. easyDedicated is currently operaring below the InterXS company so there was time to register the official company. Iam sure this looks confusing but if you don't trust it, go order somewhere else (looks simple to me).

    PS>if you think you need to pay 70 euro at 200M+ commitments, you should considering moving to another provider (i know a very good one ) or start your own network.

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    I can't trust them.

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    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Are you a customer of ours?
    Could you please email me your problem then so we can work on that? Thanks a lot.

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    We currently pay 35 euro/mbit for Level3 bandwith and we have a fallback to two other transip providers. We do not pay the suggested 70 euro/mbit

    We deliver bandwith directly to bigger ISPs and goverment agencies or trough inconnects with larger carriers and do not target the market your company (ED) is in.

    Therefore i do not consider your company as an competitor.

    But i already see that you calculated 500 GB as 1 mbit/s usage what is incorrect, it is slightly more then 2 mbit/s usage depending on type of content.

    Maybe you can list your investors for full transparancy? since i guess as a clear company you have nothing to hide right?

    Your reference to start our own network, we currently operate 2 leased 622 mbit connections MPLS trough almost all of Europe. In various interconnect points we connect our customers directly to the transit providers we use, therefore using our own network for a sort of "proximity service" that allows our customers to be located virtually at any Internet Exchange in Europe or to peer directly with our other customers.
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    Then iam wondering why you are using Leaseweb for bandwidth.
    Do you have a ASN for me since iam very curious?

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    It is much more interesting why you assume i work for the foundation operating Leaseweb (NL) bandwith, i am not. (not exclusive anyway).

    AS20960 is the AS to check.

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    aut-num: AS20960
    as-name: TKTELEKOM-AS
    descr: Telekomunikacja Kolejowa is an ISP operating in Poland

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    Owned by the train company in Poland. We currently operate our own connection between Warzsaw, Poznan, Berlin, Frankfurt and Prague.

    We connect directly with TeliaSonera and Level3.

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    Ah mister Remon Akkermans, nice to meet you.

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    You are so wrong

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    I did not said you are working at leaseweb but hosting your website there.

    However lets stop about this since it has nothing to do with the topic.

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    I am interested now, our website is hosted with Leaseweb?

    This is new for me.

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    server-01# traceroute
    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
    1 ( 1.030 ms 0.516 ms 0.989 ms
    2 ( 0.988 ms 1.485 ms 1.044 ms
    3 ( 2.919 ms 5.508 ms 7.201 ms
    4 ( 2.760 ms 9.702 ms 1.060 ms
    5 ( 1.485 ms 3.699 ms 2.861 ms

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    You make some error: is the website of my employer.

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    i'd say it's possible to offer these kind of prices for the services... ofcourse not without a calculation based on mixed-bandwidth usage of the costumers.
    but it should be possible, just take a look at, which i assume belongs to, they'r also selling their servers at very low prices!
    it's crazy... but "consumers" love it )
    In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.

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