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    Mnope new Junior Windows resellerplan; 400Mb/4Gb - $9. Shared plan $2.95.

    By request we have now started offering small reselleraccounts, Mcnope Junior Reseller!
    Our common resellerplans has also got better prices!


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    Windows Reseller hosting
    You don't have to sell webhotel facilities to enjoy the Reseller plans.
    With a Reseller plan you can setup up your own hosting accounts with custom webspace, transfer etc.

    Mcnope Reseller Junior
    Windows hosting with Helm Control Panel
    - 400 Mb webspace
    - 4 Gb traffic
    Price; $9 month, $99 anually

    Mcnope Reseller 1
    Windows hosting with Helm Control Panel
    - 2 Gb webspace
    - 20 Gb traffic
    Price; $19 month, $199 anually

    Mcnope Reseller 2
    Windows hosting with Helm Control Panel
    - 5 Gb webspace
    - 50 Gb traffic
    Price; $39 month, $399 anually

    All Resellerplans include
    - Unlimited domains
    - Unlimited POP3 mail accounts (webmail & POP3)
    - Unlimited FTP accounts
    - Unlimited mySQL databases
    - ASP.NET/ASP/PHP4 support...

    Full featureslist:
    Windows 2003 Standard Server
    HELM Control Panel
    Private Nameservers
    Active Server Pages (ASP)
    FrontPage Server Extensions
    FrontPage Server Extensions 2002
    ActiveState Perl 5.8x
    ASP.NET v1.1.4322
    Indexing Service
    PHP 4.3x
    ODBC DSNs (MS Access)
    Custom Error Pages
    File Manager
    MIME Type Editor
    Internet Data Connector
    Server Side Includes
    AWSTATS Stat server
    MS DNS Server
    MailEnable Mail Server
    POP/SMTP/Autoresponder/Catchall Email
    MS FTP Server
    MS SQL 2000 (optional)

    Integrated Messaging system
    Auto sign-up system
    Integrated Billing system

    MS SQL
    40mb/db (20mb data+ 20mb log)
    $4.95 / month only!

    Complete hosting:

    Mcnope Newbie
    Webspace 15Mb & 500 Mb transfer
    - 1 emailaccounts (POP3 and webmail)
    - 1 ftp accounts
    - 1 domains
    - 1 mySQL db
    ASP&PHP 4
    $2.95/month & $29/year

    Mcnope 150
    Webspace 150 Mb & 1500 Mb transfer
    $10/month & $100/year

    Mcnope 300
    Webspace 300 Mb & 3000 Mb transfer
    $15/month & $150/year

    Mcnope 700
    Webspace 700 Mb & 7000 Mb transfer
    $20/month & $200/year

    Mcnope 150/300/700 includes
    - 999 emailaccounts (POP3 and webmail)
    - 999 ftp accounts
    - 999 domains
    - 999 mySQL db

    Payment Methods:
    - Credit Card
    Visa, EuroCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB,

    - Checks
    US$ Checks, Eurochecks,

    - Wire Transfers

    - Payments can be made Online, by Fax, by Mail or by Phone.

    Paypal is accepted!

    Mcnope wish you welcome to the easy way of Windows Hosting!
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