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    Learning about hardware/software aspects

    I was wondering if you guys could suggest books/websites to learn about the hardware and software aspects of co-locating, I don't want to go to college for it.

    I want to learn these things:

    -apache web server
    -load balancing
    -what to look for in hardware
    -all the software I would possibly need to manage my server

    I am actually about ready to buy the parts to a 1U Athlon XP server, I'm going to put it together, test if its dissipating heat well enough, and probably get it co-located with colo4dallas, and just experiment with that for a while.

    For my first server, I was going to put Fedora linux, and I think it comes with a web server, and if it does, should I use fedoras or apache?

    What else would I need? And should I dish out the extra money for a 64-bit cpu?

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    Most books are not that great, and the rest copy what is already available online.
    You could instead try:


    Fedora probably comes with Apache, if not, use Apache.
    Don't dish out extra money for a 64-bit CPU.

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