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    * Looking for vB/IPB/etc Skinners


    We're looking for talented people who can design vbulletin/ipb/phpBB skins as well as code them. The skins will be sold on SkinsDepot as pre-made skins and you will earn revenue from them.

    You make the skins and we bring you the sales. The system will sort of work like templatemonster, users will be able to buy the skin unique (for themselves only and remove it from the website) or they can buy a copy of it until it has been bought with full rights by someone else. The way templatemonster works, just like that.

    Skin prices will range from $20-$80 depending on the designer and the skin quality.

    or from $100-$1000 if bought with full rights.

    If you're interested please PM me with a portfolio of your work, or something that can show us that you're worth hiring.

    You do not get paid hourly or per skin, you get paid with how many skins are sold.

    Our site is currently being developed and we would like to start the skinning process before we open so we can have a few skins ready to sell.

    Thank you for your time, please get in touch with me at [email protected]
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