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Thread: JSP uh oh

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    JSP uh oh

    hey all

    just wondering if anyone can help me.

    A friend has made a page but for some weird reason its returning an error. I cant make sense of it but it does say the server encountered an internal error and a whole lotta other info.

    It is a nix server.

    The error can be seen here

    I can give anymore required info as needed


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    In $TOMCAT_HOME (something like /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-4.1.29 or something like that) there will be a directory named "work". Depending on your configuration, I can't tell you exactly where but do a:

    find work -name -print

    and look at the code that Jasper, the Tomcat JSP compiler built for the JSP. Your NPE should be pretty obvious. I have found that tags like <jsp:getProperty> can sometimes do an NPE when you don't expect it.

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