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    Email only host?

    I've been running a community with the email server on a private T1 on a dedicated server with SpamAssassin, virus blocking and a full featured web interface (the users could even change their own passwords, set out-of-office autoresponders, etc).

    Our gracious host is having to shut down and I'm faced with moving all of my users (about 100) to the shared email server with my webhost ( I'm sure they're going to be unhappy with losing the spam and virus filtering and all of the nifty self-administration features of our old email server.

    Can anyone recommend some full featured email-only hosts out there that are not insanely expensive?

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    Just signup for a reseller account yourself and then you can offer email only hosting yourself.

    Well that how I see it....
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    Yeah I aggree Brad. Sign up for a reseller account.

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    you probably want cpanel to do that as it has spam assasin and the option to create email only accounts... if you dont want to get a reseller you could always email cpanel hosts, most would probably give you an email only account even if they dont advertise it on their sites.

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    200 has email only services. I was hosted there for a few years and everything was great.

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    "Can anyone recommend some full featured email-only hosts out there that are not insanely expensive?"

    What is considered expensive?

    What is considered insanely expensive?

    Thank you.
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    Although more than likely not advertised, most any hsphere based company could offer you an email only account, as their is an email only plan wizard built in, but you will probably need to make a special request email to get anything like that.

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    I am sure you could contact any host directly, and tell them exactly what you would want. Instead of paying x amount of money per month for a full hosting account, you could work out some deal with the host and get a custom e-mail only account for fraction of the cost. Bottom line, there is no host saying "Hey, check out these e-mail accounts for $2 / Month" - they are special requests and have to be inquired about with individual companies.

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    as cybexhost1 said, contact the hosts personally..
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    "Not insanely expensive" to me is $20/mo or less. Some of the business oriented email providers I've found wanted hundreds of dollars a month...

    I've contacted a few web hosts and haven't found any that had virus protection off the shelf.

    I did find which is exactly what I need I think... but their pricing info isn't listed publicly that I can find. Their group mail page just has a couple of bullets, one of which says "100 Individual Accounts" and another is "Low cost solution
    starts at only $9.99 a month!". I've emailed them for more info.

    I also found that GoDaddy (my registrar) offers email hosting. 50 mailboxes for $30/yr. The only catch is it looks like their virus scanning is only on webmail, not POP. Again, I've emailed for more info.

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