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    ZenCart vs. Merchant ID.


    I have successfully installed the zencart on my system. Do anyone have any update about their functionality? I am not php freak but which one is better Litecommerce/Zencart/Oscommerce.

    Zencart and Oscommerce are free.

    Also I am looking for any merchant id that can work well with zencart.

    Thanks for your kind expected reply.

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    You can find a list of payment gateways here:

    You also might take a look at - they offer support & hosting for osCommerce.

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    Forks and ports...

    Zen Cart is a fork of osCommerce. This apparently happened because some of the developers wanted to do things a little differently to others. This happens with Open Source products. It's not neccessarily a bad thing, just confusing. Sometimes the changes that are implemented in a forked product end up ported back into the original product and so both benefit from each others work.

    The key is understanding, or finding out, why the fork occured and whether the changes in the fork are what you want.

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