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    Spring Server Sale has been providing web hosting for almost 8 years. We provide the highest quality service,uptime
    and Bandwidth(speed)

    Here's what we're doing for April,
    DS-2-The rest of April is FREE, absolutely no commitment. You can get up to 7 days of free service to experience the M3 difference & May is 50% off on this server too!

    Also you can create your own special:
    Pick one,

    - *double bandwidth for a full year!
    - 50% off first 3 months!
    - buy one get one free for 3 months!
    - $100 rebate on Ultralite, redeemable after 3rd month
    this will be credited to their account - so their 4th/5th months are

    All servers except the ultralite have no setup fee and are a month to month contract. Each server comes with a 30 day money back policy!

    There's no reason not to give us a try, if you do a search on any WM board you will NOT find a single compliant or problem. Your business is our business!

    Here is a review:

    All servers are in stock so their is no waiting.

    Contact [email protected] for these special prices.

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    I am interested. Please ICQ me, thanks! 97181399
    AIM: manofslo
    MSN: [email protected]
    ICQ: 287014494
    EMAIL: [email protected]

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    Originally posted by localminds
    I am interested. Please ICQ me, thanks! 97181399
    I have you on my ICQ and will be in touch with you.

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