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    Online Store 101 ...advice Please

    Hi All,

    I am looking at getting an online store running to sell some training products inline with my current website:

    The items include:

    Hardware - nothing too large VGA cards etc (peripherials)
    Downloadable Software

    All of the tangable products will be shipped out of the US, but the financial accoutn that runs the site is based here in Sydney, Australia.

    OK, so I am looking at X-Cart Gold which seems to be quite a nice streamlined solution. For methods of payment Im looking at accepting credit card as the major point of sale.

    Few questions:

    What else do I need ?

    A merchant account & an SSL for my server right ?

    Can anyone recommend a good merchant for me ?

    Id like to go down the road of charging per transaction as oppossed to a flat up front or monthly payment ? The reason is that it minimises overheads, and as we will be a very low volume shop...this is paramount ...

    What about an SSL cert...where can i get one of these puppies ?

    As you are now aware of my scenario/ there a better solution that is more cost effective the persue ??

    Thanks alot guys!!! Appreciate your time and help


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    Check out: - they offer osCommerce in a complete package.

    If you do want ASP, I would suggest We also have worked with them in the past & been happy with their services.

    As far as an SSL - you do not need one unless you want to process transactions on your website. I would suggest you purchase on from: - a lot cheaper than purchasing the SSL cert from ChainedSSL or Geotrust.

    As far as accepting payments - you can use 2CO as a third party processor or consider Paysystems as a merchant account. They are also a third party processor but scaling back now on that & offering merchant accounts. Also - consider adding paypal as another option to accept payments since your customers will more than likely have a paypal account.

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    thanks alot corey!! appreciate your help mate.

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