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    PHP/MYSQL Work To Be Done? Solution Found... ---->

    My name is Isaac D.
    I have freelanced for about 5 years now. I have been programming in PHP and MySQL for some time. I've done much freelancing over the years, such as script modifications, script installations, website creation, graphic design (including vectored images) programming an assortment of internet applications, and so on. I carry many tools for this trade, such as website planning or marketing.

    Well, now I freelance to raise money to start a business (and due to my unemployment, my main sort of personal income), and in my last days as a freelance professional, I'm building a reputable portfolio (and designing software to do so).

    If there are any tasks you need completed, I'm your man.

    I really don't have a problem working late into the night or morning on tasks given to me. But I do not work on Saturdays to honor the day of the Sabbath, as I'm bound by Sabbath law, but work expediantly 6 days a week

    My Contact Information?
    AIM: codeharbinger, biznitzcomdesign, PHPYoda
    MSN: [email protected]
    Emails: [email protected]

    The Charges?
    Name it! Estimates are given freely, and prices are negotiable.
    I can accept PayPal payments. Payments can also be made after I've completed the task and half up-front isn't necessary (so that you can see that I did a good job).

    How Fast Am I?
    Test me!

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    I'll do it quickly, if given the chance.

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