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    Suggestions for a website template company please

    I'm not much of an artist. I seem to be much more talented with prgramming than drawing. My brother suggest that I look to some companies on the web that provides website templates for a fee.

    I can do a google search and find many, but I find too many.

    Word of mouth is great. Can anyone point me toward some good quality graphic design people/websites/companies that make templates. I'm not looking for custom work, that would be much too expensive. I want to pay between $20-$50 for a site template... I don't know if that's unrealistic.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Next time, please use the search feature as this question has been asked thousands of times.


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    Also try . Great templates for under $30. Hope you find some great templates
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    actually I believe that you can find someone to design you a unique template for $50. It will be a little less professional than what you can get from templatemonster and alike, but much more original which should be taken into account too.

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