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    Seeking Advertisers

    Hi All,

    I represent and just wanted to let the community know that we are now looking for additional advertisers who can lock in a low monthly rate if you act quickly.

    Our site offers Free web hosting, so we have a variety of web sites with different content and users.

    We have around 1.5 Million Page Views per month.

    The special we are running right now consists of 30 days of being in our banner rotation program with a guarantee of 30,000 views for that period. The cost of this program is $43.

    All banners must be in 460x60 format.

    We only have 3 spots open and will post a follow up when we have sold out the spots.

    If you would like to participate, please send an email to [email protected] and I will send you the signup details.


    Mike Valley
    Advertising Sales Manager

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    Only 2 spots left.

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    you take paypal?

    what about stats and also do i get to serve my own images?
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