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    $40 mascot contest

    In conjunction with ProfessionalGFX, the River Hill High School Chapter (RHHS) of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) proudly brings this compitition to WebHostingTalk!

    The River Hill FBLA will soon be attending the National Leadership Conference to be held in Denver, CO this summer. We are looking to create a chapter shirt that will allow us to show our pride and stand out from the rest.

    In doing this we are looking for your help! We are in need of a mascot. The River Hill school mascot is a hawk. However, we are looking to kick that up a notch.

    Our ideal mascot would be a hawk wearing a suit and looking professional, but also at the same time looking bad @$$. To accomplish this possibly having his muscles busting out the seems of this suit jacket or something along those lines.

    We are looking to use the design on t-shirts as noted, but also will use it on anything else that we develop. This would include report covers, letterhead, banners, flyers, brochures, mugs, etc. Please be sure to make your submission scallable and vector would be a plus for the print company. If you are using photoshop, please make it in a very large size so that it will reduce nicely, preferrably at least 200 dpi.

    School colors are: gold/yellow and baby blue, to get an idea, you can go to the River Hill Website here.
    FBLA Colors: reb and blue. To get an idea, you can go to the National FBLA website here or check out the FBLA logo below.
    Organization Details: Incase this helps you in anay way, FBLA is the premier student business organization in the country and most likely the world with more than 250,000 members across the US and other countries (canada, germany, virginia islands, puerto rico, guam, and others). This years national theme is: Lead, Achieve, Succeed. You can read more about FBLA on the national level if interested here.

    As a school and non-profit organization, we obviously cant afford to pay for the super professional services of a local mascot designer/illustrator, so thats why we have brought our confidence and money to SitePoint.

    Winner will be paid via paypal. Also, we would be more than happy to send you a free shirt once they are printed so you can see your work in action.

    Also, deadline = 1 weekish from now.

    We look forward to getting submissions and I will be checking the thread constantly and leaving comments/suggestions for all entries.

    Again, thank you for your time and we look forward to getting some great submissions. If we have forgotten any details, please let us know and they will be addressed.


    fbla logo: logo copy.gif

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    is this exclusive to WHT?

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    yes and no. I have posted it at sitepoint, but there hasnt been much interest because of the lower price. I believe there is one person who said they were going to enter, and he actually goes to my school and is apart of our organization. so no its not exclusive to here, but if theres no action at sitepoint then yes it pretty much is.


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    you should try posting it at, thats the real place to get this done. just post it in the charity section.

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    again i think u should list out the things u want in a list rather than paragraph easier for us and u'll get more replies~

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    -all im really looking for is a mascot of a hawk in a business suit.
    -he should look sort of bad ***.
    -use either the school colors (yellow and blue) or the fbla colors (red and blue)
    -just the mascot design, not the full shirt design

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