I am seeking an available position either on-site or remotely in the Windows administration and/or network administration field of the industry.

If on-site, I am located in Southern California in Fontana which is located in Riverside County.

I am proficient with all Windows operating system software and can secure, optimize and perform all the general day-to-day tasks of administrating a Windows machine.

I am also proficient in network topology setup and troubleshooting. Including router, switch and hub setups.

Server hardware installation, builds, troubleshooting are no problem either.

I am seeking a relatively well established firm seeking a long-term position employee.

I also interact well with clients and can be an asset as frontline support fielding all customer questions and performing the neccesary technical tasks to disolve the situation.

I am not seeking a "company" which is run by children, unlicensed, or wants a "cheap" employee.

I have no problem being employed by a start-up and have mass experience with starting up firms in this industry and would also be an asset as I could provide potential consultation information.

I do have a resume available, however it will be in Monster.com HTML format... hehe.

I may be contacted by Private Message or use the email me function. If you wish, you may also request my phone number so we may discuss opportunities.