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    Question administering and monitoring a server


    i bought a windows 2003 web server with ensim and 80GB harddisk. I tried to calculate how many domains i can store on it and i think this is something that cannot be fixed. i will just have to wait and see how many sites i have and try fitting as much as i can in. I guess time will only say.

    I will be having FTP, MySQL, POP3, SMTP, HTTP ODBC, PERL, PHP, ASP, and .NET running on this server. There is obviously chances of some sites causing problems to the server, but my question is how do i monitor which sites are causing potential problems and utilizing tooo much server resources etc.

    And secondly, can anyone please refer me to any good books or online documentations where i can study how to become a good system administrator so that i can administer the server effeciently. I am a quick learner.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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    anyone ?

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    Hi , I dun think books can actually help. What u can do is to monitor the CPU, memory usage once in a while. Check on the various logs for any strange incidents and so on. Basically patch regularly, check regularly. That's the best solution

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