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Thread: sendmail help

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    sendmail help

    from the mail server, I telnet localhost 25. Sendmail response instantly, but I telnet server_ip 25 . Sendmail takes a long time to response.. Any one know why ?


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    try traceroute. Try from different locations
    Also check the local dns resolution.
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    I telnet numeric ipaddress, ex. to port 25. It means dns is not involve here.

    I am at the server itself, so I go no where beyond my box. Any other posible ?

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    Perhaps it is doing a reverse lookup on your IP?
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    Sendmail is trying to do a reverse-lookup of the machine
    trying to connect via telnet.
    Check /var/log/messages.

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    Thank you all.

    I look at the local_host_names, there is no entry of the host name that mx record point to.

    For example, mx record point to, then I forget to add to the local_host_names. It works nicely now.

    The reason I telnet localhost 25, sendmail response intantly, even though localhost is not exist in local_host_names. The reason is there is an entry "LOCAL_DOMAIN(`localhost.localdomain')dnl" in .

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