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    Full Page Link Exchange

    I am looking for all page link exchanges to improve my link popularity (permanent). My website is a PR of 6, with inner pages being no lower than a pr of 4 and there are 300+ pages in total.

    There are currently no more than 3 links to other domains (including my own domain).

    Basically what I want is to do an all page link swap with other sites (preferably with numerous inner pages). I can only do this about 3 or 4 times in total, due to limited space.

    I would like other sites to have a PR to show they have been seen properly, and quite a lot of pages. Probably my ideal ration would be.

    PR 0 - No deal
    PR 1 - 2000 or so links in return (on same site)
    PR 2 - 1000 or so links in return (on same site)
    PR 3 - 800 or so links in return (on same site)
    PR 4 - 500 or so links in return (on same site)
    PR 5 - 400 or so links in return (on same site)
    PR 6 - 300 or so links in return (on same site)
    PR 7 - 150 or so links in return (on same site)
    PR 8 - 10 or so links in return (on same site)

    I don't particularly plan on doing exchanges with pr8 and above sites. Also, adjustment is possible on my ideal scale. Also, if you don't have loads of pages then I can do an exchange whereby you put more than one of my links on your site.

    Well if anybody is interested, please reply to this.

    I also have a PR5 forum with approximately 50000 pages in total, html mod installed, at least half in Google, and I will be willing to do full page exchanges with that.



    Just reply to this message, if interested.

    P.S. The website is - links will be positioned down side partners bar.

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    I'm interested in both your sites (site and the forum).

    Let me know if your interested. (we can work stuff out)

    Please PM me.
    Jason Mansfield - jmansfie [at]

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    May be interested, but I am only seeing 1 page in Google with your site.

    Also just to add, your link can only be two words, and it will be perfectly spiderable, mine must be also.

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    I will also offer to sell these links, with nothing needed in return (link wise).

    $100 a month for link on forum - 50000 pages, PR5

    $125 a month for link on main site - 300+ pages, PR6

    Prices here can be negotiated.

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    Any other people interested? I have got 2 interested people so far.

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    OK, links up for one of those. Anybody else?

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    OK, opened up a bit more space. Anybody who is at all interested, reply here or contact me.


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