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    Cheapest bandwidth?

    I know a lot of typical packages are 1000G, usually 80-150 /mo for low-end servers.

    But I notice places like give 2000G for 130 / mo.

    What's the deal with that? Are they overselling? Are there any other places that offer even more in the same price range?

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    Just a doubt - would you actually use 2000GBs a month if allowed ? Just wondering

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    Yes, in a sense they are overselling. The majority of servers would not actually use anywhere close to peak either because their server are not powerful enough or they do not have sufficient traffic to sustain at that rate and thus would be under-utilized most of the time anyways. Most datacenters have the option to add new bandwidth pipes in a short time in case they are peaking on what they have currently. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    But I notice places like give 2000G for 130 / mo.
    It is very cheap and they are overselling

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