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    Lightbulb needs your reviews!

    I have been working on our site design at and need some opinions on the design, content, prices, etc...

    We really appreciate it!

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    I think it's very nice. Really like the simplicity of it.

    Edit: And like the fast load.

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    I think your logo should do some touch-up since it looks quite amateur to what I feel.

    Secondly, Price is abit steep if you are asking me for that amount of space. However, I cannot be the best gauge since only you will know your profit margin.

    Thirdly, if you click on "sign me up", your "about us" becomes "company" and your navigation bar changes.

    Your terms and policies has some alignment problem. SO you might want to look into it.

    Hope this might help

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    Not too plain and not too fancy, but it does the job.

    Very professional looking non the less.

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