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    Question Cpanel/Spamassasin - CRON Job to empty spam?

    I have been told by my hosting company which uses cpanel and spamassasin that I have to empty my spam folders by hand for each mail account for EACH domain I host.

    That is rediculous.

    Can someone point me to a CRON job I can setup to say.... empy anything in the spam folder that is older then x days?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Do you have access to the directories that your spam are in? Post the directory names and we can help write a cron.

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    I dont know where in the tree they are stored. I dont see anything under the mail folders about spam. Is there any default places that I should check or how the files im looking for might be named so I can hunt for them? What I see in the master FTP account for my domain does not match what I see in the cpanel file browser, some things are show in the file manager that are not shown in FTP.


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    There is what appears to be under a .neomail-username/domainname folder a spam.db for the entire domain. But I believe that file is used when you have ALL spam go to one single spam mailbox instead of each user having their own spam mailbox. That file however does not have any of my current mail in my spam folder in it.

    I looked for anything under .spamassasin that pertains to the email accounts spam folders without luck.

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