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    how to send page by email with a button (like in Explorer)

    This is kind of urgent...
    i need to put in a web page a button that makes EXACTLY the same that when one goes in Explorer to File>Send>Page by E-mail (it opens outlook with the complete page in it, ready to send)..

    hope someone can help me and give me the code i need for that THANKS!

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    I don't know if this is possible. This Usenet post is the closest thing I could find.

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    I believe you can make a mailto: link by href, and add ?body= or something similar......

    sort of like
    PHP Code:
    <a href="mailto: ?body=">click here to mail this page</a
    I could be wrong. I normally just use a referral form written in php, so I havent done that kind of mailto link myself, though I have seen it done.

    might be able to find out more if you google search for "mailto HTML tag"

    or search the html tags at


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    I think the original poster actually wanted to include the HTML and images within the message; your method will just email the URL (I think... unless some mail clients will actually pull in the page when they see that).

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    yes that's what i mean

    in explorer go File>Send>Page by E-mail

    and you'll see something like the image attached here

    and what i want it's in a normal web page, add a button that does that without the neccesity of going the whole route File>Send>Page by E-mail (and yes.. there are some.. er... users that can't do that.. ), that's why i need a button that can do all with a single click
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    Im not sure if this will work or not but u can try it

    PHP Code:
    $page fread($fpfilesize($fp));
    $page urlencode($page);
    "<a href=\"mailto: ?body=$page\">click here to mail this page</a>";

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    The comments at the bottom of seem to indicate that the maximum length for the "body" property is 300 characters, so that approach probably won't work. Nice idea, though.

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    well it's possible the body property is just the string length, in this case $page = 5 characters.. just might work. I forgot about reading and parsing the file.. that just might do it....

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    PHP Code:
    $body implode("\n",file("".@$_GET['file']));
    if (
    $body == "") { die("Not a valid file"); }

    You can, of course add the other bits Should get you started.

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