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    Angry Ok, so it's happening again ...

    Quote orginaly from
    Rights-Managed (RM)

    When should I choose rights-managed products?
    Customers generally choose rights-managed products when the image, film clip or audio file will be used for a high-profile project -- such usage often connects a brand or a corporation's identity to that particular image, clip or sound bite. Higher licencing fees prevent these products from 'saturating' the marketplace, thus helping to reduce potential competitive conflicts.

    How are the fees calculated?
    The fees and usage rights for rights-managed images are based on a specific project's criteria: size of the image being reproduced, total print run, distribution, intended use, etc.

    Royalty-Free (RF)

    When should I choose royalty-free products?
    "Royalty-free" means that you pay only once for an image, film clip or audio file that can be used for multiple projects over an unlimited period of time. Since royalty-free products are sold on a nonexclusive basis, customers often choose them as a complement to a design, rather than making them the primary focus.

    How are the fees calculated?
    Fees for royalty-free images, film clips and audio files are the same for every purchaser, regardless of the project specifics. The only factor that alters the cost of royalty-free products is the file size selected for purchase.
    'Cruising' the Related offers and requests thread, I look at some templates being sold. I like to look at these to see what people have to offer, changes in style, and even parts that may inspire me for another design.

    So whats my problem? My problem (which is a big one) is "designers" offering exclusive rights on images they grabbed off google, or places like GettyImages that don't think about protecting their image with a watermark.

    Right now, I would like to conduct a vote, in my 'Anti - Exclusive Rights' period, on what you think personally should be the case.

    I personally believe if you don't buy it, it's not yours to sell (Especially exclusive rights). Please check out this thread and post your comments; Click Here

    Please vote too, thanks
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    I agree with you completely. Someone somewhere took those pictures and were paid for them by Getty or Corbis or whoever, and they in-turn sell it because they have exclusive rights to do so. When someone just steals them and then tries to sell them, whether alone or with a design, is completely wrong, and illegal in most countries.


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    ^^ Yup, I'm completely aganst it.
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