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    Question Question on "all in one" web builder/hosting companies

    I'm somewhat new at this and am looking for someone who has any experience with any of the following "all in one" web builders/hosts such as BuilderSpot, Citymax, SiteBuildIt, Handzon, I-Page, Homestead, or SiteRightNow. What I really want is something very simple so that a "newbie" , non-techie like me, can get a business site on the web very quickly, but still look professional, with little knowledge of HTML, PHP, MySQL, etc. I also need a shopping cart, but at this point not credit card processing. Is there anyone out there that use, or have used any of these hosting companies, or have any knowledge of them, and what would you recommend?

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    I got into web design on accident really.

    I started at Homestead (one you mention). I just wanted a little site to show some pictures. But from there I was hooked and wanted to learn the real way of doing it.

    I had a good experience with Homestead, but that was back when it was free (I think they charge now).
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    There's many hosts with Site Studios, the only one I can remember in the moment is .

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