Greetings :

I geusse when I think about it I didnt word my last thread very well and didnt include enough information . So Here goes again .

My name is Blair MacDonald . and I work for a very well capitalized webhosting company who main method of expanding its client base is through aquisition. Our company name is Endurance international .

What we are offering is a deal to resellers and web developers and designers who host thier own clients the following

- Between 30 and 50 percent of annual revenue as a cash payment up front to migrate your clients over to our hosting platform

-When we recover the cost from that (takes exactly 4.8 monthes) we will then pay you 50 percent of the hosting revenue that those migrated clients generate

- We do the technical support and the billing .

If this Offer interests you then please call 1-866-599-9964 between 9 am and 5:30 pm eastern and ask to be put through to my desk and we will talk some more .

Thank you

Blair MacDonald
Reseller Specialist
Endurance International