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    Spam/Virus Filtering $1/month per mailbox.

    We can offer Postini's award winning spam and virus filtering for your domain[s] for a low price of $1/month per email box.

    Hosts: This is a great service you can offer to your clients. Demo's and trial periods can be set up, please contact me!

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    I use spamassasin and it appears to be pretty good.

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    The mail still needs to be processed and delt with on the server. The Postini service allows this to be before it hits your server, basically saving you the bandwidth.

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    You mean saving you the CPU/memory time.

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    alanp, correct.

    But it also saves bandwidth since Postini scans the message before it gets sent to your mail server. All "quarantined" (messages flagged as spam/virus) messages are not sent to the box unless the admin or the end user tell it to.

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    Ah, I see. Very True

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