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    Car Wallpaper Website, please review

    I just started a new website with a friend and would like some opinions.


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    Nice site, fast load and good colours.

    Header a bit bland, particuarly with the style and content of the site, could do with a good image or two.

    The front page is also bland, I found that it looked amateurish. the lack of content did not excercise the mind or make me hang around.

    The gallery is great, loved the cars and quick loading (for me anyway). You could place more infomation on the front page about placing a request with a hot button, picture of the day, picture of the week, subscribe for new pictures so that you can email users when new items are added etc etc. Take time and think about it.

    The car pictures are great , the concept is good and the gallery nice, work on the remainder of the site and you could have a great site, good luck

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    Thanks for those comments. I'm also working on scripting a wallpaper count, but not have a lot of luck on that...

    Hyping the requests thing might be good, people would really like that function if their favorite cars actually get put on by us.

    A picture of the week/day/month would also be good, I'll give that some thought.

    I've also been thinking about showing some information on each car.
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    Just made a good update, I dramatically increased quality of thumbnails, instead of having the script resize I have it resample now.
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    Not bad, and a lot of nice content there.

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    Hey nice site, Very good wallpapers.. Keep up the good work. Would be looking forward for more wallpapers on your site...

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    Yea just added a bunch, doing my best to get all requested wallpapers (there is a form to request one on my website).

    I guess, adding new one's all the time will get people coming back, I hope to also get a community going along with this.
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