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    Hosting Domains (,, + more) Short + Adult Also

    Hey Guys
    I have the current domains for sale. These domains are hosting domains, perfect for anyone wanting to start up a hosting company. I am looking for offers in the regions of $xxx as you could make alot of money out of these with a hosting company.

    They are:

    I also have a short domain, which could also be looking at a price tag close to the hosting ones.

    Please contact me at [email protected], or give me a PM and we can discuss prices. I have had a few approaches, but nothing major.

    Also, if anyone is interested. I have 2 adult domains. They would be suitable to go together, but Im looking for $xxx to $xxxx for these domains:

    These would be perfect for adult domains. Please contact me if your interested.

    All registered at enom, so if you have an account, I can push them into it.

    Enjoy! Hope to hear from you soon guys!

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    i can offer you $20 bucks maximum for

    if possible
    Reliable PHP, ASP, .NET windows 2003 Reliable ASP.NET Webhosting

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    I give $100 for all three hosting domains.

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