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    * cpanel (latest) reseller WHM and multi IP

    I have a reseller account with a host provider that uses WHM and Cpanel. I am totally new to reseller accounts -- but I'm not really selling anything. Don't ask. Anyway my host tells me he cannot setup a reseller account with multiple IP addresses. There's an option in WHM to specify IP address.

    I have some domains I'd rather not associate with other domains by IP address. Does WHM *actually* contain the facility to assign

    domain01 com --
    domain02 com --
    domain0x com -- 192.168.0.x

    for as many IP addresses as I buy from my web host? If not what's "IP address" field for?

    My current provider claims I'd need to (buy and) setup multiple reseller accounts for each IP address. The problem there is there's no easy way (for me) to determine which accounts will need what kind of space and bandwidth. By having two distinct accounts I cannot allocate monthly transfer from account_A to account_B on the fly.


    thank you for your patient help!

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    WHM can assign a separate IP address to each account. However, usually it comes down to needing a bit better reason than 'I'd rather not associate with other domains' to get someone to assign you those IPs.

    When you assign IPs, they cost someone money and someone has to justify their usage at some point. What you describe is pretty wasteful. Some providers are harder on their customers than others, but the same holds true for everyone.

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    cPanel has the ability to give a domain a dedicated IP if that is what you are looking for.

    That way, you would be able to use either the domain or IP to access your site.

    Hope that helps.

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