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    HostDime - Definite Reviews


    I've been looking around these forums for reviews on Host Dime. I've used the search feature and seen alot of reviews about them but so many of the reviews were by people whose accounts were suspended or something. Please post your experiences about HostDime here.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I had a reseller acct with them for about 6 months. It started great, fast servers and whatnot. I really hadnt tested out the support because I didnt need it. then around two months later, the server starts going out (Dime19). Web pages wouldnt load, dns didnt work etc. I thought, maybe it's just a datacenter problem, no biggie. It wasnt very frequent nor for very long, perhaps a few minutes. Then the downtime increased to several hours a day. It was getting ridiculous, so I contacted support. They were slow, and a bit patronizing. During my last month there, it had been 2 days since I couldnt see my sites. Different people from around the world that visited my forum said they couldnt see it either. Bart on msn told me that either my network adaptor didnt work or that my dns settings were "torn" and that was the reason why I couldnt see them. Considering this was a load of BS (I had studied networking and those two options weret possible, else I wouldnt have been able to talk to the idiot on msn now would I?) so i dropped them. Dont be fooled by their forum, for they have been known to edit and delete negative posts. Support is manned by like....6 people. It's really not worth your money. Hope this helps.
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    Well, that is a "Definite Review".
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    Yup maybe you need to find a different host

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    Originally posted by markjut
    Yup maybe you need to find a different host
    lol well yea, first I went with iwebspeed (BIG mistake ) but now I'm happy with hostgator, and working with pilothost.

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    Well, that is a "Definite Review".
    Indeed Laurence... Somehow I'm not surprised... A search for hostdime on these boards reveals quite a few negative opinions. Not a good thing to start with.

    webhostingj, there are quite a few good hosts out there. Keep searching... Good luck!

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    Ouch iwebspeed....enough said

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    I have to disagree. My overwhelming experience with Hostdime has been VERY positive!

    Let's face it, EVERY host has an issue or two now and then. None of them are perfect. It seems to me that the Utopia some people are looking for on here doesn't exist in the real world.

    I switched to Hostdime a year ago after finally getting so disgusted with AIT. I did a lot of homework and searched these boards looking for input. I decided on Hostdime and haven't regretted my decsion at all.

    The support at Hostdime is always very fast and effective. EVERY issue I have ever had with them has been resolved quickly. The service is fast too. I have a dedicated with them and the speed is head over heels better than the dedicated at AIT. The functionality they offer with the CPanel and WHM gives me everything I need on a dedicated. Above all else, the price is right too.

    Just one mans opinion (you know what they say about those!)
    Good luck with your search.

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    Hostdime treats their dedicated customers better than their resellers and shared hosting I have noticed. The positive reviews I have seen about Hostdime were from dedicated customers. I guess money does talk huh?

    As for a company having an issue every now and then, when I look at a server stats page and 7 out of 20 servers are down every week, I dont consider that a minor issue. When the way they wanted to fix the Dime19 solution was to make people buy dedicated, instead of compensating the resellers' downtime, that's not a minor issue. When you are told your dns settings are "torn" (wtf does that mean?) or your network adaptor doesnt work when you are talking to the person on msn, this is not a minor issue. But as I mentioned before, apparently they treat their dedicated customers better than their resellers and shared. I dont expect perfection from a company. But I do expect that when I ask a support question, I dont get taken for a BS ride when I know exactly what the problem is and I want it fixed.

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    I think part of the reason hostdime treated you like that Rhia is because you're a woman and they didn't expect a woman to actually know her stuff. Of course, that's pure speculation. But probably rings of truth.

    nwide, you sound like an advertiser. Are you sure you're not on hostdime's staff?

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