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    * Work Needed

    i'm looking for someone that can install scripts for me on my c panal. I'm looking to pay $15.00 per installations. I have 15 web sites that i want to work on and update my network adding things. Or i can give you free web hosting.

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    I can install scripts onto your cpanel for you. If you want to speak further feel free to send me a PM.


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    Hello Gavain,

    I can do this for you. Please get into contact with me.


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    I could do this. I have alot of experiance with servers, cpanel and im very good at coding PHP scripts.

    PM me or email me.

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    gavain, we are professionals in the market and would love to help out if you still require the assistance. Please PM us with details and we would be happy to look into this for you.
    Geek 3 Computer Repair

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    Contact Me if you interest..

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    Installing CPanel scripts is pretty simple. I'll do it for web hosting assuming you have ASP .Net hosting capability.

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