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    Register With?

    I've been reading some reviews on and, I'm debating on which company to register my domains with, does anyone have suggestions? I'm looking for a easy comapany to register my domains at low cost. I would prefer no hidden fee's, advertisements, and emails to my clients.

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    Suggestions? Of course, I spent two years with GD and still have some domains there. I almost became a WWD reseller but this was last year when they were sending out GD renewals to all WWD customers. That settled it for me! Why would I want my customers to see that I was a GD reseller and then see GD prices? With eNom people will see eNom's $29.95 sticker price and be happy to pay your price. My 2 cents at 6 a.m.

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    Both are ok ( if you are not a reseller )
    Just note if you want to offer domain registration to your customers then don't go for Godaddy as ( acts837 said )
    if you are international then don't go for Godaddy
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    enom is expensive if you go directly, you can go with some of their reputable resellers like or

    or you can open a reseller account with one of their ETPs (enom technology partners) to get sub-account from any of them.

    check Domain Name Offers and Requests some people are offering
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