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    Please review


    This is the final draft of our design. Still needs corrections on typos but main message and prices should be correct. Design still targeted to 800x600 higher resolution comming soon... Please let me know.
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    There is a LOT of different colors. Maybe try to fit them together a bit better?
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    Hi there

    first things first, like Yowen I found the first look at the site to be overwhelming, WOW was my first instinct. The numbers and 'loudness' of the colours is amazing. I am a medium sized procurer of the services you supply and my first instinct was no. I believe this is due to the shocking colours and nothing else. Overall the site is nicely laid out, design is good and speed is fine. I like the header and its changes between pages but once again the differing colours just add to the confusion.

    The site would look fantsatic with just one or two bold colours that are matched, either contrasting or complementry, try a colour wheel for ideas.

    It is a shame that the purchase pages are not branded the same as the rest of the site, it is off putting. Same with the knowledge base etc, change this or lose it.

    The section headers are very bold (red) and detract from the text, I would definately not have read the text if I was not reviewing. Tone down the headings a bit and possibly smaller.

    Good site with some colour changes, good luck

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