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    How about some info here

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    I'd love to get a price range.
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    Prices as well as method(s) of ad delivery will be appreciated.

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    Its in game Counter-Strike advertising

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    Mor info please.


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    What is the price range?

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    Originally posted by ericnmu
    Its in game Counter-Strike advertising

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    Please provide more info about what kind of audience do you have. Male audience is not specific enough

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    Cool info

    To whom concerned,

    My company has discovered an amazing non-conventional media vehicle. This is on behalf of my newly formed company entitled Rukus Advertising. Long story short, we can earn anywhere from 1 million + impressions per month to over 4 million impression/month. When audiences are exposed to our medium, they are captive, and have anywhere from 1-2 minutes to read them. The technology is brand new and very advanced. Unfortunately I cannot give you the exact details of how we can accomplish such a goal, but I assure you, this non-conventional is outstanding. Please reply if you are interested in offering our services. Email me. This advertising is in game advertising. In counterstrike and other games.

    Thank You,
    Joshua Lourenco
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    Prices are dependant on how much advertising you want.. it can go from 50 a month to 500+ a month. Age groups that are affected are 14-19 and 20-35, 50 % split between them. This would be the primerily male .. about 85 percent male.

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