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    Shoutcast Server Problems...

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if someone could help me with an error I am getting within shoutcast on linux... When the stream is playing, I get the following message repeatidly appearing the the shell window;

    mpg123: Can't rewind stream by 947 bits!

    And the mp3s seem to skip to the next one when this occurs... Does anyone know the reason for this error and how to fix it? Also, how do you assign a shoutcast server to use a single domain instead of the IP... i.e say a vhost customer wants a server, how do I make it so he can access it via

    Thanks for your help with this ppl, appreciate it!


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    Not sure on the error you are getting, but as far as giving them a hostname, you can give them ANY domain on your server as long as the port number is associated with it.

    Like: - would be the same as, as long as both domains are hosted on your server...

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    in your sc_serv.conf you specifiy the ip thats gonna be used for shoutcast to broadcast, then point the hostname to that ip and your set.
    Ben S.

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    mpg123 doesn't have anything to do with the SHOUTcast server itself.

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    yuh...mpg123 is an mp3 decoder...maybe try another? or reinstall it

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    Well it works, it just gives those errors on occasion so Im not sure what the problem is...

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    check your logs to see what songs it does it on. if it does it on the same songs everytime, then chances are something is up with the song

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