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    Selling Domain names

    Where would be the best place to sell your domain names?

  2. #2 is the leading domain forum I believe.

    The boards here seem to see a bit of activity in that regard as well so it might be worth checking them out.

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    Scambay maybe, there are a few other sites. Who are you trying to sell to? End User or a Reseller? You can sell them here as well. I have picked up a few decent names here recently.

    Best of luck

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    You could try here.

  5. #5 is also a good place

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    is anyone familiar with are they pretty good, and are they fair ? haven't had any problems yet but haven't had any offers either.

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    Any more

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    I am familiar with They seem to be good, but Customer Support is better at Sedo and the parking program as well.

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