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Thread: About RedHat9

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    About RedHat9

    Ok well Isnt redhat gonna stop giving updates for redhat 9 and put more work into fedora and enterprise or what is happening and if i am right how can i upgrade to fedora??

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    Red Hat 9 official support is ending with this month yes. However I read somewhere that critical fixes generally will be made available. If that is not enough there are legacy update projects for Red Hat 7+ that supports Red Hat 9. Fedora is NOT as such Red Hat, it is a community driven Linux distro supported by Red Hat but Red Hat is not developing it (they only make RHE now). There are also upgrade projects (up2date compatible) projects for Fedora I think. Basically you will be able to get support and updates for Red Hat 9 for a loooong time yet :-)

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I dont think you will gain much, if anything, upgrading a server from Red Hat 9 to Fedora - Fedora is more of a desktop distro than Red Hat 9 is. I think stability is pretty much the same.

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    Correct, Red Hat is only sponsoring the Fedora Project. It will be awhile before the first public version will be released, Fedora just released Fedora Core 2 test2. Fedora is free software and itís more generally pointed to beginners and using Linux. I would stay with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    The Fedora Project:

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