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    Looking for dedicated server

    Hello, looking for a cheap $60 / month server with or withought cpanel, and I prefer using paypal becuase I'm 15 and unable to have a credit card, so please tell me what I can get. I currently own 2 servers, looking for lowest / best offer for best server possible. Also looking for red hat linux, 1 gig ram, 1000 gb transfer, dont mind processor but prefer at an intel not too bad processor, 1.7ghz or higher.

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    Try burstnet or I would choose burstnet over

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    whats burstnet's url, and I need a place that offers paypal as a payment option.

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    You could try Angelnetworkz

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    so far I liked about to order one from em... but I wanna see burstnet what is the URL for them ?

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    I'm signing up for a dedicated server from they accept paypal and have been very helpful.
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    I still like managed, becuase you can get paypal and I read some good reviews here, plus they have some nice plans, if its possible could somone please tell me burstnets url so I can check them out although I am still open for more recommendations.

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    I got burstnets url, thanks though. I think ill try and see how it works out there.

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