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    A bit rusty at this: Free advertising (Forum)

    Well, yet another post from me; I'm annoying, I know

    I've been working my *word kids shouldn't see* off, trying to advertise my site, but I've only had 350 unique in the past 3 days, after getting my site mentioned in a news post on a VERY popular game development site ( ), and curious bystanders reading my signature on gdnet (

    350 isn't bad, right? Yeah... Assuming those people were actually doing something - I'm trying to get my forum worked up, get at least 200 or so people talking in it - so that my team and I can get some feed back on our game, and get some early beta sign ups.

    I just got another mention, on a popular free MMO listing site, but I have a feeling that isn't enough - its been 22 hours, and not one single sign up, barely 15 views to any gallery image, etc.

    Am I just being impatient? Should I wait?

    Or is there a faster, free way? Seeing as this game is currently in alpha testing, and having a mid-summer beta test (Q4 release), I see no reason to PAY for advertising now; but without a big forum, its destined to fail.

    Last time I had to advertise a site for free, it wound up having 70 members on it - and I barely worked on it at all; I think I used free link exchange programs, but I don't remember which ones are good/legit... Does anyone here, know?

    <<<url removed>>>

    I just hope someone can help me here, my team is working hard and has no one to appreciate their work
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    best way I have seen to get 1000's of visitors to slam a website that has no links to it and is new to the search engines:

    a) go find a car that runs for under 200 bucks and isn't totally trashed.

    b) put it on as many free classified ad boards as possible as a FREE CAR...DRIVE IT AWAY. use a site for the car pics. you can also say 'for trade, artwork, movie/concert tickets' etc. and try to get back some of that 200 bucks.

    c) make sure the geocities site has a pop up for your site. those folks that come will investigate if the site (popup) is any good.

    d) I have used this before and seen my meters go crazy which helps get you some links at other sites. it doesn't have to be a car (free ANNA posters, free rebel flags, free margarita blender with mixer, free whatever...) AND

    e) since the vehicle may have some problems and perhaps you won't get anyone to take it so it will just be your 'free ad' for months on end. I have this 1990 Pontiac Grand Am I have used for over a year now that I got for free and it runs. I have tried to give it away; I swear. The reg is expired but I STILL HAVE THE DARN CAR and that little gem has brought at least 20,000 people to various sites I have; not a bad investment heh heh.
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    If I run across anything I can part with/afford - I'll try that, its a pretty good idea.

    I just feel pretty strongly about pop ups/unders, they're annoying - but if they work, I'll go through some of my old stuff.


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