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    Intel Server For Sale

    I have an Intel NetStructure 1010 Hosting Appliance for sale.

    Works great, guaranteed.

    The server is a 1U server with a Celeron 800MHz CPU.

    Includes 20GB hard drive and 128MB SDRAM.

    Please email [email protected] or reach me on AIM or ICQ with offers. I'm looking to get around $200 for the server plus shipping but I will entertain other offers.

    AIM: Mike2002SC2
    ICQ: 40321851



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    tried to get you on aim... no responce None of the cool kids are doing it.

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    I tried to get you on AIM but you must be afk. If you need to reach me you can send me an email ([email protected]) or you can try my work AIM which is Mike2002SC2Work.

    If anybody else is interested in the server I do have picture's available.



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    Still for sale.

    Price lowered to $175 shipped.


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