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    Looking for appropriate web hosting option

    I have a client that needs to develop a application that can be hosted on a web site. I need to find what kind of webhosting package/option I need use. Here are some of the features:
    1. This is an application that will allow a web user to backup his/her photos stored on local pc on web server via internet.
    2. each user can schedule a backup on the server via a client application. And that client application will sync up with web server to do the backup.
    3. The application will most likely be

    4. each user will register with the web management and pay certain fee. The storage size each user account will have varies depending on fee he pays.

    Normally, when I use a web hosting service, I am assigned a certan size of disk space and I really don't have the control to further partition that disk because I am just one of the user account from that hosting company. How Do I get a service that I can further partition the disk space and then to assign each user account that registered with my web application.

    Please advice.
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    You consider a semi dedicated plan? Ballpark figure on disk space, bandwidth, and price your willing to pay could help.

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    It will be aroung 15-20GB, $40/month and regular bandwith (1GB/month). This is just a ball park number.

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