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    Question Enom and Autopilot help

    I have submitted a ticket to ap about this but they don't seem to be at work right now. If someone wants to make a quick 5 bucks for just answering some questions of mine on aim (I am not sure what's wrong with what im doing but im sure its a simple fix or something I forgot to do)

    I got an enom account, I set it up in Autopilot under the settings and turned it on, I got enom to set my ip as live API. I have no put funds in my account yet because I don't want to waste any on tests. I have turned it all on and went through my signup on my web and the order goes through without regging the new domain or putting it in the incomplete enom orders in the AP control panel (Where I thought it would show up) it just processes it regular but the enom part is not working at all. Anyway, my aim is bluecapacity if anyone can help me that will be good. I am kind of in a hurry to get this done. (Very hard to explain this process but if your familiar with enom and ap then it might make a little sense)
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    Eh so far I have the owner of WHMAP stumpped I think. We were talking and then after I pretty much ruled out all the obvious answers to the problem, he has not responded back.... Ticket was sent in when this thread was posted... Anyway, someone else offered to help fix it for 20 but I dont know if I am that desprate yet =/
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