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Thread: CTN1 Down?

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    CTN1 Down?

    My CTN1 server seems to be down and I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same troubles? The CTN1 site loads fine but my server is gone.

    I emailed them about it and am still awaiting a response.

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    My server is down from 22 April and I send a support mail..but...nothing response.. :-(((


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    It baffles me to think a professional business would not return a call or email after 4 days of downtime. How do people allow this to happen?

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    They do not even respond to sales emails. Even though we thought we had a nice agreement with them, we have not heard from them since, depsite repeated emails, so we have decided against them now

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    still down ?

    I wonder how many people work for them (perhaps 3)?

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