First of all this is not my site, it's for a new GPL portal system that I love and is based on PHP-Nuke.

CPG-Nuke started about 6 months ago when I a guy got tired to seeing a new version of PHP-Nuke coming every month with same bugs and holes as last version but also added a new thing to it that has MORE bugs. He and his team made many other changes too and you can find the list about that on it's site.

Anyways, about 10 days ago or so, AventureHosting decides to delete the WHOLE CPG-Nuke's website without any advanced warning. After a long wait, they tell him that whole site was deleted, including the database because site started to get too many hits and was a taking up too many CPU resources.

Now I know that many people say that PHP-Nuke is a resource hog which I don't agree but this guy have really done it, you install in one folder a PHP-Nuke and in another CPG-Nuke, you will see a huge difference. Same goes for security.

As of me, I am very angry about this low and cheap act by and you like to suggest all new comers about this company who deletes it's user accounts without providing them any kind of backup. This was also a big bite at GPL community's back too.

The good news is that DedicatedNow has offered CPG-Nuke a free dedicated server so they can keep working on this outstanding piece of code they are creating.