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    * developper seeking employement

    Am currently part time developper and seeking for a job in either of these areas :

    PC Support / Repair based at a webhosting company or any company

    Remote Technician, answering support

    Forum Administration / moderation and/or Installation

    I am experienced with Data Base Administration especially MySQL (worked a lot with), unix/Linux, Apache, C/C++ (windows/unix), PHP, Windows/Unix web servers security, and some graphical design using photoshop/fireworks/flash... (see

    I've worked for aprox 10 years in the computer related area and am now looking to either branch out into webhosting, or to get a supporting job.

    I'd like a base rate of pay per week, or per ticket pay for support plus possible bonuses for excellent work.

    I'll be working voluntarily for a friend trying to help him get his webhosting business up and running.

    My best regards
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