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    Question Looking for reseller account

    Hey am looking for a reseller account i seen this ad

    i was just wondering if anyone has used them before they look good and there support is good so far just need to pick now

    Thank you very much
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    Well, they look to be a fairly new company (whois shows their domain registered on 2/4/04), and the prices they are quoting for the amount of space/transfer offered would suggest overselling.

    Other than that, try the search feature here and see if anything comes up.

    Good luck in your search!
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    Hey i have been talking to their support on msn they have been running for a years but under a few different names thats why the name is new they said they dont over sell they even setup my account for $2.50 for the first month which was very nice i would reccomend them to anyone who is just starting they are going to help me build my site for a only $20 and i can pay that up when i start earning there great
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    For non-mission critical websites you could give it a shot. The same if you need space to experiment with. Once a site can go live - move it to something stable (if necessary).
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    Found on their FAQ page. which is also the same as the FAQ page found on

    I don't know what you want to make out of this, but if they can't even copy a FAQ page properly, I would probably stay away
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    389 used to be a reseller for me.
    Not sure about the 'he has been running for years thing' as he was a reseller for me for about 7 months.

    As far as I know he went on with someone else to get a server from

    Still - I wouldn't go there, no terms and conditions and no privacy policy on the site (although its early and I probably missed it when looking!). Leaving yourself open if there are no terms.


    //edit: was formed by two people(web developer & systems administrator) who were tired of "lack of service" and "empty promises" such websites disappearing and pages becomming inaccessible for hours, waiting hours for technical support to resolve simple issiues, incorrect calculation of bandwidth, disk space and double billing - you know the list can go on
    Guess my services to Stuart were included in there - can't remember him having any problems that I didnt solve within a few minutes.....ah well, started the day off with a chuckle....
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    this thread should be closed...
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