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    Lightbulb Better Business Bureau


    I was wondering how hard is to get accepted to BBB ?


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    There are fees involved.
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    is it worth it??

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    There are fees involved and also a required time frame of being in business. You also need a proper privacy policy posted on your website.

    Is it worth it? It can be a very valuable promotional tool when working the local market. It loses its value a little bit when doing business over the Internet.
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    yeah people ( usually local ) seem to like it more when you are apart of the BBB. Not much use over the internet like thefish said.

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    You left out the paperwork involved too. I hate paperwork.
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    We joined the BBB early on. It was expensive in terms of the lack of values derived.

    We've found that happy clients don't write the BBB; and if you get a stickler (we only had one, but a wowser one), then you can be in a mud of back and forth paperwork.

    Thank you.
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    The BBB is a private business just like you. Pay the fee's and your in. When we first started in business I had a BBB rep come to me and say they'd waive all the requirements (time in business and whatever else there was) if I'd just give him a check.

    For some reason, alot of people think they are some goverment agency or have some sort of enforcement power. They are not. If you want to complain about a bad business you'd be better off going to the state attorney general.

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    Originally posted by TheFish
    There are fees involved and also a required time frame of being in business. You also need a proper privacy policy posted on your website.
    That (the privacy policy) is only applicable if you want to join the BBB's Online program. It's not necessary if you join your local BBB, which is a required step anyway before you can apply for the Online program.
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    My experience has been as long as you are willing to pay the fee each year, you're a member. Really the Better Business Bureau does accept anyone. If gives a consumer a sense of confidence about your business, but that really is a false sense of confidence. But...for the average works.
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    As a customers it can be useful to know about companies that do not have a satisfactory standing at BBB, but generally BBB is not a very reliable tool for the "advanced" consumer.

    I don't see it as being very useful for a hosting company, but it can be a thing of "image" to have that BBB seal.

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    To join the BBB you will need to do the following:

    1. Be in business for at least one year (requirement for membership)
    2. Contact the BBB you are under and request their forms.
    3. Pay the yearly fee (starts at $400.00 for one employee and goes up based upon the number of employees you have).
    4. If you want to participate in the online BBB seal there is an additional charge of $85.00 per year.

    What do you get? Discounts on insurance, trade deals, etc. And the ability to say you are a member. That's really about it.
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    For local business, it is almost better to just join the local chamber of commerce, rather than the BBB.

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