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Thread: yahoo finance

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    yahoo finance

    What I need is maybe a function or some way to use yahoo finances ticker lookup.
    For example, if I didnt know what the symbol for Microsoft was, I could do a search and it would return msft

    Can anyone please help me with parsing/getting the data from it?

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    LOL, does anyone else feel like this post has been a hot potato being bounced from forum to forum?

    Anyways... now that you're here I do have a suggestion for you... you could perhaps use the Perl LWP::UserAgent lib or PHP's CURL library to do a remote HTTP POST to the Yahoo! Finance area to pull down the info on a desired stock and then parse it out.

    In terms of the actual string parsing, that would be a bit tricky... if you need a reference from a programmer who could do it, PM me and I'll let you know a few folks who might be able to assist you that we've contracted with in the past ourselves. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    it wasn't at programming forum it was at domain name forum i thought he wanted to know the symbol for yahoo like MSFT
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    Thread moved to the Programming forums and cleaned.

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