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    * eudora address book

    Was able to open my address book. Can't now.
    Problem just seemed to happen!
    Now when I click on it --- it goes in behind the tool bar but still closed. I hit the "maximize" function and just the 'address book bar' comes onto the page but it's still closed. Cannot enlarge it by dragging.
    Nothing seems to work.
    What's wrong?
    I need to access the address book information.
    Can make address book entries but can't access them.
    Any suggestions.

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    What version of Eudora?

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    If the program is corrupted, you can always reinstall it.

    Sometimes those windows just get in each other's way and you have to dig around to find them. Pegasus email drives me nuts sometimes because the windows seem to appear wherever they feel like it at whatever size and whatever they block.

    I sometimes move the Eudora addresses between computers, contained in NNDbase.txt and NNDbase.toc. You might save those files before reinstalling.

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