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    * What is this world coming to..

    German mother offers child on eBay

    Koblenz, , Apr. 22 (UPI) -- A German mother and her boyfriend are being investigated for trying to sell the woman's young daughter on the eBay Internet auction site.

    Three bidders, who allegedly pushed the top offer for the 8-year-old girl up to 25.50 euros ($30.35) are also under investigation for attempted human trafficking, German news agency DPA reports.

    It is not clear whether the Internet auction posting was intended to be a joke or was a serious offer to sell the girl as a "real working toy," as she was advertised.

    The 41-year-old mother and her 35-year-old boyfriend live in the western German city of Koblenz and are the subject of an investigation by the Koblenz police.

    They allegedly posted a picture of the girl to eBay's German-language auction site with a starting price of one euro ($1.19) and a description saying, "you can play with her."
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    Sounds a little morbid... whether it was a joke or not, not the type of thing any sane adult should be doing.

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    Why would people bid on that, they would have to know it was a sick minded indvidual or a joke.

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    No kidding, that's just ridiculous.

    She's worth at least $50.


    Seriously though, that is very strange. I'm sure they were playing a joke though. Even if you were going to try and do something crazy like sell your daughter, would you attempt to do it on such a big stage as eBay, with all the world watching? Sounds like a publicity stunt. Granted, one in bad taste.

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    Even if that's a joke, it's not something you make a joke about. That is a living, breathing PERSON. Things like this disgust me.


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    Thats terrible.
    That woman does not deserve to be a mother.

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    I agree with the title of this post! What is this world coming to!

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    Hmm if it was not a joke then all i can say is that thoughs parents are horrible people, who in the right mind would sell their own flesh'in blood to some person on Ebay.

    Personally i think people should stop the stupid Ebay jokes and move on with their lives, posting nonesense on ebay just wastes peoples time and money.

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    Originally posted by sirgamesalot
    who in the right mind would sell their own flesh'in blood to some person on Ebay.

    It would be much better, and more cost effective to just take out an ad in your local newspaper. That way whoever bought her would be local, and could probably just drop by the house to make the pick up. Afterall, the buyer on ebay could be from anywhere in the world, and I bet the shipping charges on a person would be pretty high.

    Again, joking.

    People are taking this much too serious. There are plenty of real problems in the world that could use your attention, so why waste it on an ebay joke? Go volunteer at a children's cancer center, or help feed the homeless people, or take better care of your elderly grandparents, or help find a home for the dogs and cats at the animal shelter, or do something to help the environment, or whatever.....

    Stop wasting energy on THIS.
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    Haha. That's pretty classic.

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    The Dude

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    This is just morbid - joke or not. What is wrong with people out there?

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    SICK, seriously UGHHH
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    That's really messed up... even if it is a joke... Who is dumb enough to do such a thing? -.-"

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    I would've bid on it, simply to try and get more info to inform the authorities. I'm sorry, but thats just not on! You can't auction something that you've created with your sweat, and your blood, a child is a part of you, not just something you can turn off when you're disinterested.

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